• Howdy
  • Stu Dev
    • Study rooms on Thursday
      • Will continue until finals
    • Thankgiving
      • Cepheid thanksgiving
        • On Sunday
          • Official details will be announced later
    • Pillow fight
      • Event in the upcoming future
      • Tuesday right before the dead week after d-raid
        • Disney sing along
          • And snack
          • Wow
          • Many sings
          • Much music
          • Such doge


  • Cameron-Howdy
  • Lilly – Stu Dev
    • Study room 7-11
      • On  the facebook
  • Dubya
    • Masquerade art contest ends today
      • There will be a prize
      • Event is on November 3rd
  • Emily- Small Programs
    • Masquerade
      • Last week of Oct. We will be selling tickets
        • Time slots will be on a google doc
    • Small Programs
      • Jamboree
        • No meeting this week
        • 4-5:15


  • Stu Dev Study Hours 7-11 Monday and Thursday
  • Appropriate behaviors with Lui
  • Chris
    • We still have a con
    • Clare
      • She needs artists
        • Contact her
    • Jacob
      • Anime officer
        • What anime do you want to
        • He got in contact with Disney
          • We might get some ghibli
    • Josh
      • His minion had a list of gaming stores
      • If you know someone who would want an ad come contact Josh


  • Cameron-Howdy
  • Officer announcements
    • Lilly
      • Hope you passed your tests
      • Study groups every Monday and Thursday in the annex
      • Rainbow fun times was awesome
      • YPH
        • Need junior and senior brainstorm
      • Keep hygiene
    • Andrew
      • Nothing
      • Pay him money
    • Emily
      • End of month is masquerade
        • More info next week
      • Small Programs
        • B movie night
          • Frankenhooker and shredder


  • Cameron-howdy
    • Officer announcements
      • Dubya-flier ninjas tomorrow,
        • Studio 12 6PM
      • Rebecca-fundraising
        • No home games this week
        • 4 weeks of  solid concessions
          • Please sign up
      • Emily Small Programs
        • Lost children
          • Anime this Friday
        • Media Guild
          • Monday at 7 at the tables in the MSC
        • Cepheid Craft
          • Haunted pin cushions
            • Studio 12 tomorrow at 7pm


  • Cameron Howdy
  • Dubya- PR
    • No flier ninjas this week
  • Emily-Small Programs
    • Ashley
      • Don’t know if were doing schlock fest
    • Kathy
      • Wed at 7pm studio 12
        • Making haunter pin cushins
    • BAMF
      • Sat 7pm in rudder tower room 401
    • Lost CHilderen
      • Nothing right now
      • Post ideas on facebook page
    • Jay
      • Media plus
        • Helps you with the computer

General Committee Meeting

Tonight's meeting (March 19th) will be at 7:07  in MSC 1401. Only three days left until AggieCon44! This is our big AggieCon informational meeting, we'll be discussing worker training, set up, and other basics for our big weekend. Be there or be confused!


Cepheid Variable

Ce· phe· id var· i· a· ble (1)
Function: noun        Date: circa 1903
any of a class of pulsating stars whose very regular light variations are related directly to their intrinsic luminosities and whose apparent luminosities are used to estimate distances in astronomy.

Ce· phe· id var· i· a· ble (2)
Function: programming        Date: circa 1969
any of a group of Texas A&M students whose very irregular activities are related directly to their love of science fiction, fantasy, or horror and whose luminous abilities are used to coordinate outlandish programs.

Cepheid Variable stands as a Texas A&M Student Organization devoted to the support and promotion of all things science fiction, fantasy, horror, science, and technology, and the support of the community that grows around them through an atmosphere of acceptance and kinship. Cepheid Variable seeks to promote creativity, enrich imagination, and build active learning opportunities through a variety of educational programs, demonstrations, and presentations.


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